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3 min readOct 4, 2023
The WEAPON token is moving to Avalanche.

Key Migration Information

  • Network: Avalanche C-Chain
  • DEX: Trader Joe
  • New Contract Address: 0xe3B3F75f99Da4fF26AA867ef70B48F8f6B2D4958
  • Ticker: WEAPON
  • Supply: 10,000,000
  • Fully Distributed, No Swap Tax

Process [COMPLETE]

The WEAPON token is moving from Ethereum to the Avalanche network. This will consist of several important steps:

  1. A new token contract will be deployed on the Avalanche network (C-Chain)
  2. Liquidity will be removed from the WEAPON pool on Ethereum.
  3. After removal, a snapshot of all holders and balances will be taken
  4. The exact same wallets will be airdropped the exact same balances on the Avalanche network.
  5. The entire liquidity will be bridged to the Avalanche network and added to the new token pool and trading will open.

Note: The migration of the WEAPON token to Avalanche C-Chain is separate from our integration with the Beam subnet. Beam will be the home of all Megaweapon NFTs and the PvE economy. Read more about our partnership with Beam here.

What Holders Need to Do

User will not take any action to receive their tokens on Avalanche. There is no sending, bridging, or claiming of any kind. Any claims you see to the contrary are scams.

Step 1: Set up your wallet for the Avalanche network

Holders only need to set up their wallet to operate on Avalanche. For the majority of hot/web wallets, this means switching networks within the app itself.

For MetaMask users, this guide from Avalanche Support will get you set up. Coinbase wallet users can go here. Almost all major wallets offer native support for Avalanche

Add the Avalanche network to MetaMask in a few clicks.

Step 2: Import the new WEAPON token contract address into your wallet.

This does not mean receiving or creating tokens. ‘Importing’ a token to a wallet just means making it viewable. MetaMask now offers the ability to auto-detect when new tokens are added, but please follow these instructions from MetaMask if you are unfamiliar with the process

IMPORTANT NOTE: When importing the new Avalanche WEAPON token into your wallet, only use the contract address provided at the top of this article. This will also be posted on Twitter and key communication channels — but please double check and cross-reference all sources.

If not detected automatically, simply import the WEAPON token yourself.

Step 3: Ensure you have AVAX in your wallet for gas fees

As ETH is required for transactions on Ethereum, AVAX is the native gas token on the Avalanche C-Chain. AVAX is widely available on all major exchanges. Note that gas fees are significantly cheaper on Avalanche (typically < $1/swap).

What Now?

Once liquidity has been added, trading will resume via Trader Joe. All major defi tools are available on Avalanche, including Snowtrace, a block explorer clone of Etherscan. Additional info on migration and Avalanche below:

Trader Joe

Trader Joe ( is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built originally as a clone of Uniswap. It has since grown into a fully independent product suite, but functions almost exactly the same as Uniswap for trading.

Wallets Across EVMs

For those unfamiliar, if you create and own a wallet on Ethereum, you have control of and access to that exact same address (public/private key pair) on any other EVM-compatible network (Avalanche C-Chain, BSC, Polygon, etc.)


The C-Chain is the EVM-compatible ‘contract’ chain. It is the primary chain for all Avalanche Defi activity, Dapps, and everyday user interaction. Details on the three Avalanche chains here.

Final Words

If you’re having any issues, please come to our official discord and open a ticket. Someone will be happy to help.

As always, scammers are everywhere. Always use official links. We will never ask for your seedphrase. You do not need to claim your tokens from anywhere or send funds anywhere.

Official Twitter:




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