Megaweapon Staking Launch

4 min readApr 17, 2022


The moment you have long awaited is here. The $WEAPON token has been relaunched and the staking contract is about to be deployed. Our development team has completed the staking front end and the pool will open imminently.

Premeditated and properly executed Weapon.

How can I participate?

Staking $WEAPON is a simple process. We have built a website dedicated to the process:

Note: Always ensure you’re visiting the EXACT domain above. Bookmark it!

The website was built to be self-explanatory, but here is a quick guide:

Getting Started

  • Navigate to the staking website:
  • Connect your wallet (most major wallets are supported). Ensure this wallet holds $WEAPON tokens.
  • There are three ‘action’ tabs: Stake, Rewards, and Withdraw.


Example of preparing to stake 50 $WEAPON tokens out of 90 available, unlocking 2 May 2022.
  • First time staking — In the Stake section, you will input the quantity of $WEAPON tokens and the period of time you wish to stake. Your “unstaked balance” is the quantity of $WEAPON tokens in your wallet available for staking.
  • Staking periods are one week long. They begin Monday at 12:00am UTC and end Sunday at 11:59pm UTC. Please note this is UTC time! You can use a website like this for quick conversion.
  • Important! If you want to qualify for the current week’s staking rewards, you MUST stake your tokens BEFORE 11:59pm UTC on that week’s Monday! If you stake after this time, you will not be eligible for that week’s rewards.
  • You can stake as short as one week or as many weeks as you want. You do not need to re-stake weekly if your stake duration is longer than one staking period.
  • Once you’ve determined your quantity and stake duration, you will select “ADD STAKE” — this will prompt you to confirm the transaction via your wallet. Note that this transaction will cost gas (Eth).
  • Congratulations, you have now staked your $WEAPON tokens! 🎉
  • Adding to your existing stake — if you want to add to your current stake and not affect the current stake’s eligibility for rewards, you must add to your stake during Monday (UTC) hours only. When adding to your stake you must also select a stake end date equal to or later than the current stake date. Also, be sure to claim your rewards before making changes to your stake! The UI will remind you of this.
  • Extending your existing stake — if you want to simply extend your existing stake date and not void your current stake’s reward eligibility, you must choose an extend stake date during Monday (UTC) hours only. Again, be sure to claim your rewards before making changes to your stake!
  • To reiterate — Any modification to an existing stake, whether adding or extending the date, should be executed during Monday UTC hours.


Rewards will be available to claim by each week or multiple weeks-worth at a time.
  • After each staking period (week), your rewards will be available for claim in the Rewards tab. Rewards are in Ether. You can claim available rewards any day of the week. Your rewards will NOT automatically be sent to your wallet!
  • You may choose to claim rewards for one week, some weeks, or all available weeks in a single transaction, with a limit of 20 weeks at once. Users may wait to claim multiple weeks of rewards in a single transaction to save gas costs. You will not lose your rewards if you do not claim them right away.
  • Reminder — Your share of rewards are proportional to the amount of $WEAPON you have staked in the pool.


The Withdraw tab informs users how many $WEAPON tokens are available for withdraw.
  • Have staked tokens that you want to withdraw? As soon as your lock time is up, just claim any rewards you might have, and withdraw at any time.
  • To withdraw your $WEAPON from the staking pool, navigate to the Withdraw tab. Once your previously set staking period is over, you may withdraw your tokens. Two important points here: 1) Once your staking period is over, your $WEAPON tokens no longer qualify for rewards, even if you have not withdrawn them. 2) You must claim your rewards (Rewards tab) before withdrawing your tokens or you will forfeit them back to the staking pool.
  • Again — you may not withdraw your staked $WEAPON tokens before your set staking period is over.

Please pay attention to the warnings and prompts provided throughout the staking interface. Blockchain transactions are irreversible!

And for now, that’s it! If you have any questions, please visit our Telegram or Discord and send us a message.

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