The Degenerator Cometh

5 min readJun 28, 2022

Fully custom, playable NFTs are here. The minting process begins Thursday, June 30th. Come create a part of Megaweapon history.

To what strange places will your mind take you?


The Degenerator is a custom Megaweapon character designer that stores your creations (“Degens”) as NFTs. These characters will be playable in the game itself. Customize your Degen with a wide range of options including head, body, arms, legs, hair, and accessories. This is the first collection to be released.

The Process

Creating your own degens will involve the following steps:

Mint a Degenerator Pass → Use the Pass to Access the Degenerator → Create your Degen(s)

Minting a Degenerator Pass will be available in two ways: a whitelist mint and a public mint.

  • Whitelist period: Open now until June 29th
  • Whitelist minting begins June 30th at 7pm UTC (3pm EDT). It will be open long enough to give all whitelisted users a chance to mint.
  • Public mint to follow
  • The Degenerator creation window will open after the whitelist and public minting are complete.

Note: There will be a temporary limit on transfers of mint passes (tokens) until the Degenerator creation window is closed. Only 3 mint passes will be allowed in a single wallet at a time. If you attempt to transfer mint passes to a wallet that already has 3 mint passes, the transaction will be reverted.

Getting on the Whitelist

Whitelist spots are earned in a couple of ways: being an active, engaged member of the community or through contests and giveaways. If you’re interested in getting on the list join our Discord and follow our Twitter today!

Why should I get on the Whitelist instead of just waiting for public sale?

  1. Cost: The Whitelist mint price will be .2 Eth/Degen. The public mint will be .25 Eth/Degen.
  2. Guarantee: Whitelisted users are guaranteed a chance to mint. The public supply will be limited.

Minting Degenerator Passes

Create your own perfect being.

To access the Degenerator, you will need to mint ‘passes’. Mint passes are essentially “blank” NFTs. When we say “blank” we mean that no Metadata — such as an image — has been associated with it yet. Use the link below to mint up to 3 passes per wallet.

Whitelist minting will begin on Thursday, June 30th at 7pm UTC/3pm EDT.

Official Link:

To be able to mint passes you must either be on the whitelist (see above) or compete in the public mint. After the mint passes are minted, there will be a placeholder image for each on OpenSea. They will all look the same (see below). Once a Degen has been created for each of these “blank” NFTs, images and metadata will be generated and stored online. The temporary image will be replaced with your custom characters!

Pre-reveal OpenSea mockup.

Using the Degenerator

Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to create your Degens. Use the Official Link below to access the Degenerator. Please make sure you have acquired a Mint Pass (see above). The Degenerator ‘creation window’ will open for a select period of days. Please follow our socials for specific dates and times.

Official Link:

Ok, so how does this thing work anyway?

Step 1 — Launch the Degenerator

First things first, connect your wallet and make sure you’re using the main Ethereum network. Once your wallet is connected, click “Authenticate.” This will prompt you to sign a message with your connected wallet. This action verifies your wallet holds Degenerator Mint Passes. Once complete, the Degenerator will launch automatically.

Connect your wallet and authenticate it has Degenerator Passes. Note this example was made using the Rinkeby testnet and a test URL.

Step 2 — Select your Mint Pass

When the app loads, choose one of your Mint Passes in the lower right corner. There will be 1 to 3 depending on how many you minted and hold in your wallet. When you first load the app, the Degens for each Mint Pass will be the same (the default Degen design).

Choose which Mint Pass you want to use to design a Degen.

Step 3 — Customize your Degen

Use the sliders on the right to customize your character as you wish. No two Degens can be alike! Notice the trashcan next to TRIM and HAIR. This means these design categories are not required and can be removed by clicking the icon. Use the rotate button in the left window to see your design from all sides.

Tweak all the components to design the perfect Degens.

Use the color picker to change the color of your Degen. Note that color is not a unique trait. It is purely aesthetic. This means that you can’t have three identical designs but with three different colors.

Step 4 — Save your design

Once you’ve settled on a design, hit Save to claim it as your own! No one else can create this design. The Degenerator “design window” will be open for a limited time — more details to follow. Until it closes, you can return to modify your design(s) as much as you’d like. Once the window closes, however, the designs will be saved forever and unchangeable.

Be sure to save your design before exiting or selecting another Mint Pass.


  1. The Degenerator creation window will open for a select few days. DO NOT transfer/sell your tokens in this period.
  2. After the window closes, your Degens will be saved permanently and unable to be changed. Please follow our socials for specific dates and times.

What’s Next?

Now it’s our turn. Once the Degenerator creation window closes, the team will run our software to produce imagery of each and every Degen created. The first images released will be 2D and will be ‘revealed’ shortly after the Degenerator closes. Our goal is to eventually release interactive, 3D versions accessible directly in marketplaces like OpenSea.




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