$WEAPON Redeploy

  • Redeploying the $WEAPON ERC-20 token contract
  • Launching $WEAPON staking
And suddenly, in a flash of light and sound, the devs did something.


  1. Migration start time announced — The Megaweapon team will announce the exact date and time of migration to the community.
  2. Liquidity migration begins — at previously stated date/time, trading of current token will stop.
  3. Snapshot — Once trading is stopped, a snapshot of all token holders and balances will be taken. This holder snapshot will be checked and double-checked by both human and robotic eyes.
  4. Airdrop — the new $WEAPON ERC-20 token will be airdropped to all holders. In this phase the new token contract address will be shared publicly through all channels.Trading this new token will not yet be live.
  5. Validation — When the airdrop is complete, the team will perform another cross-check of the new balances and old balances.
  6. New token goes live — Once all tests are confirmed and accurate, liquidity will be added to the new Uniswap pair ($WEAPON/ETH) and trading will be opened!
  • The redeploy is anticipated to take 24–48 hours from start to finish.
  • During redeploy you will be unable to buy or sell $WEAPON tokens of either ERC-20 contract.
  • All holders will be airdropped before trading of the new token goes live.
Bunny has other plans for the team.



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